An iPad Handlebar Mount You Can Actually, Like, Buy



Oh man, this iPad mount is either a fantastic idea, or a lawsuit waiting to happen: you decide. It’s called the BiKASE and it mounts your iPad onto the handlebars of your bike.

Some of you my remember my attemtps to build a DIY iPad bike-handlebar mount. I have since used it on a few tours, and it works great.

The problem is that the iPad just isn’t suited to the task. Inside the case, the sun heats it to boiling point, and that same sun renders the screen unreadable unless you a.) find a shadow and b.) crank up the brightness to full (killing battery life in the process).

So using the BiKASE to put the iPad on a real bike is probably a bad idea. But on a stationary bike? Sure. An exercise bike is probably the most boring way you could spend an hour, so why not brighten things up with a book, a game or even a movie on your iPad. The case will even rotate to the orientation of your choice.

Best of all, it costs just $40. Sure, you could just pick up a €10 map holder and use that like I did (with the advantage of being waterproof and sweat-drip proof), but if you’re the kind of person who uses a stationary bike, you’re probably too lazy for a DIY project. In fact, why are you even reading this? Just go back to sleep. After another donut, that is.

Source: IKASE

Via: Urban Velo

  • extra_medium

    Wait, the type of person who works out on a stationary bike is considered lazy? What about a treadmill?

  • Ian Bradley

    This will make the people of Amsterdam very pleased.