Schneider B+W Polarizer Filter For iPhone


Before: After!
Before: After!

Got a set of those annoying lenses for your iPhone that attach via magnets? Me too. The results are great, but getting the magnets lined up to the metal donut surrounding the lens is a real pain.

And so the following news is mixed. It's bad news because it uses the same dumb attachment system, and it's good news because it's a polarizer for the iPhone. And not just any polarizer, either. This one is made by legendary filter-monger B+W.

No, not B&W: B+W. The filter sticks over the lens and can further be twisted to achieve the maximum effect. A polarizer is the only (non-novelty) filter you can't replicate in software, and as such is the only filter you'll ever need.

Polarizers cut out polarized light. Or let through polarized light, depending on how you look at it. The result is that reflections can be removed completely from glass and smooth water; colors are more saturated (thanks to stray light being removed) and contrast is boosted.

As two of these three are done to almost every photo in post-processing, and the third cannot be done without major Photoshopping, the yet-to-be-announced price of the B+W filter is likely to be a bargain for serious iPhoneographers, whatever it might be.

I'm totally in. When they're available, that i

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