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Wacom Bamboo Pocket,: A Tiny, Extending Stylus



Wacom might be letting every other pen maker bring touch-sensitive styluses to the iPad first, but at least its regular dumb iPad styluses are amongst the best out there. And if you have ever hefted your Wacom Bamboo stylus and thought “This is almost perfect, but I wish it were a little stubbier,” then I have good news:

Wacom has made a stubby stylus. What’s more, it transforms into a long and slender stylus. It’s called the Bamboo Stylus Pocket.

The pen starts off like a worn-down pencil, at just 89.5mm (around 3.5 inches). A quick transform (click! clack! CLUNK!) later and it becomes a slender 118mm beast, an Eloi to its earlier, uglier Morlock.

Other than this, it’s a stylus, albeit one with Wacom’s excellent interchangeable tip, a set of colored decorative rings in the box, a special string and plug for dangling it from a headphone socket, and a $35 price tag.

The Bamboo Stylus Pocket can be ordered online.

Source: Wacom