The AT&T iPhone 5 Can Get LTE Signal In More Than Eight New Cities Tonight



AT&T sent out a press release today announcing that they’ve flipped the switch on their super fast LTE networks in five new cities: Detroit, Honolulu, Seattle, Pittsburgh, and Portland. Cult of Android has another three cities to add to that list, including Birmingham, Memphis, and Sacramento. I will add Anchorage, AK.

The new faster networks will allow that iPhone 5 you pick up on Friday to access video and music streams, not to mention websites and email, at much higher speeds than the current 3G networks can handle. Your city may be part of the eight new cities to get LTE from AT&T tonight, or it may get LTE in the coming days and weeks; it’s fairly plausible that AT&T will continue to roll out the LTE now that the most popular Apple device is being unleashed upon the thronging masses.

Our own sister site, Cult of Android, has the scoop on the specific eight cities, and I personally got an email from my local AT&T, touting LTE service in my current hometown of Anchorage, AK.

I found it rather funny that the company is bringing LTE to Anchorage, as there have been devices with LTE capability sold here for a while now. Seems as if the iPhone 5 is yet again the impetus for some significant technology upgrades, at least in my local area.

I can’t wait for the faster network speeds, and I’m hoping my grandfathered unlimited data plan will carry over to this one. What are your hopes, fears, or plans for the new, faster iPhone data speeds?

Source: AT&T
Via: Cult of Android

  • SimsDaniel

    Sacramento! Yes! Thanks Cult of Mac for the info.

  • Scott Boone

    I think Tucson is done or close to being done as all the ATT towers I know about now have different antennas on them. I know for a fact that one tower is LTE because I talked to the techs upgrading it.

  • anchoragedj

    Thanks Rob. Great to see a other Alaskan here! I noticed last week the little LTE designator on my iPad while picking my son up from bay shore elementary school. Unbelievably fast. I was gettin 35mb/s down, 40 up yesterday! Lol. Double the speed down and ten times faster uploads than GCI’s highest priced package. Thanks for the article:-)

  • grblade

    AT&T says they have LTE in Los Angeles, but what they don’t say is that the entire northern half in the San Fernando valley doesn’t have it. Come on, AT&T.

  • wdhaley

    Birmingham! Huzzah! I wasn’t expecting to have LTE coverage with the new iPhone so this is a pleasant surprise. Now we wait for tomorrow. We wait for the precious.

  • setharp

    I’d like to officially start the rumor that the USMC is planning to issue iPhone 5’s to all Marine recruits in boot camp. I figure that’ll get LTE in 29 Palms, the only way I’ll ever hope to see it in Morongo Valley, Ca.

  • Cody Dollinger

    Yes, your grandfathered unlimited data will carry over, but it looks like AT&T may do away with that 11/06/2012.

  • digitalguy2

    ohh that is great if you could use face time on att’s network without shelling out twice as much for the family share data plans they are forcing customers into so they can use facetime. att customers with regular data plans cant use facetime because att is blocking it!!

  • digitalguy2

    we need apple to make face time an app downloadable from the itunes store to get around att’s rules so all of att iphone customers can use one of the iphones greatest features !!