Instapaper Updated With Dyslexia-Friendly Font, iOS 6 Support


A dyslexic font seems a natural fit for Instapaper.

After a few days of trickling releases, the flood of iOS-compatible updates has begun. Among them is Instapaper, our favorite read-later app here at Cult ofCult of Mac. Amongst the usual bug fixes and iOS6 compatibility comes a new font, optimized for dyslexic readers.

I started looking for a dyslexia-optimized font two years ago, but couldn't find one that was licensable for apps until now. I'm happy to report that in this update, I added the Open-Dyslexic font by Abelardo Gonzalez.

Its bottom-weighted characters are designed to reduce letter-swapping and increase differentiation between similar-looking letters, which improves readability for people with dyslexia. It's now the bottom-most option in the font list in Instapaper's text-controls ("aA") panel.

This is fantastic news, and looking at the font — Open-Dyslexic — with its weird fat-bottomed weighting and blown up to huge size might give us an idea of how regular text looks to dyslexix

Source: Instapaper Blog

  • ddevito

    Dyslexia for a font found

  • technochick

    Wow, Charlie, that comment just shows how completely nothing you know about dyslexia. Or bothered to find out. Because no, that font has nothing to do with showing anyone what words look like to someone that is dyslexic, any form of it.

    Perhaps before you make such comments you should do a little work and get some facts so you don’t come off like a totally ignorant flip jerk