LTE iPhone 5 Will Double iOS Data Consumption Says Analysts




When the iPhone originally launched in 2007, AT&T was shocked by how much data users consumed and it crippled their networks. Once 3G was added to the iPhone, data consumption predictably increased, but now that we’re on the cusps of seeing an LTE iPhone 5, one analyst firm is predicting the iPhone 5 will double data consumption.

Validas, an analysts firm in mobile intelligence, has been tracking mobile usage data of hundreds of thousands of smartphone users in real-time. In a recent study, Validas tracked iPhone data usage of 150,000 users from January to August 2012 and found that iPhone users consumed an average of 489MB of data a month.

During that same timeframe, Validas tracked HTC Thunderbolt LTE users’s data usage and found that they were using an average of 1.022GB of data a month. Nearly double that of iPhone users. Their survey concluded that the addition of LTE in the iPhone will increase iOS data consumption to more than 1.2

The correlation of data Validas found isn’t necessarily a huge shocker, but it does support the idea that iPhone 5 users should expect to pay more on their monthly data plans once streaming videos, music, and photos becomes much quicker over LTE.


Source: Validas

  • Mitch Sebastion Koshney Petersen

    I love this. Not because we have to pay more. But because since I preordered my iPhone 5, I get a promo plan with 6 GB of data. I can now assure you this will not go to waste :D. (Telus FTW)

  • BigLama

    I just hope that they dont increase the charge for data. I say ATT keep your 3GB of data @ $30 a month.
    Im sure people will be going over their data limit fast.
    Just leave the rest of us alone.

  • FriarNurgle

    Anyone else put the emphasis on anal when they read anything from an analysis?

  • Josh Yates

    AT&T unlimited users have a 5 gb data cap before throttling. Glad they upped it!

  • bfizzzle

    sorta i guess? a gb is still a gb no matter the speed. i dont think it will double peoples usage. increase a little bit for sure… but double? most people watch movies…you cant watch a 1.5 hour movie any faster on lTE. Little no buffering on 3g already.
    When i got my ipad 3 with LTE i had higher data for my first month, thats it.

    *edit i forgot about facetime over cellular.. hmmm i wonder how much more the 1.3 mp front camera will be on bandwidth

  • James Jenkins

    Sure love my unlimited HSPA+ on T-Mo!!!! I pull an average 25 MB down just about everywhere I go. Those of you off contact should head over and take advantage. This is a truly unlimited plan. You are capped at like 9997 GB or something funny like that. ( I run android that is why I can pull down faster speeds like that, but I was talking to the iPhone crowd at least your device is sure to get the bandwidth it can handle and then some)

  • SupaMac

    Glad I have Verizon unlimited data. Best coverage, and no data limit. Rock on. (and after selling my 4s, the cost of upgrading to the i5 is actually cheaper than the Verizon subsidized upgrade price. Win-win for me)