Does This Video Prove Apple Could Sell You Anything?



Jony Ive is always so damn beautiful in every Apple product video. His gorgeous british accent just washes over my eardrums and magically hypnotizes me into buying whatever product Apple is pushing. Like, dude could sell me a mason jar of horse fat mixed with dead butterflies and pig’s blood and as long as Apple made a pretty video explaining why they made it, then I would be all about it.

To prove that point, Buzzfeed FWD mashed up Jony’s latest video with a video on how nasty, filthy, disgusting hot dogs are made. It’s sick and lovely, and pretty much proves that Apple could sell you anything they want and it would sound awesome. Do you agree? Let us hear your thoughts about Apple’s video sorcery in the comments below.

Source: FWD

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12 responses to “Does This Video Prove Apple Could Sell You Anything?”

  1. Clark Wallace says:

    What a terrible article, no offence Buster.

  2. Buster says:

    @Clark Wallace – what don’t you like about it?

  3. SupaMac says:

    On the contrary, now I don’t want a hotdog for a very, very long time.

  4. BigLama says:

    Actually i dont wanna eat hot dogs for a long time.
    But i think your right, 1. Jony Ive has a sexy voice! 2. apple could basically sell you just about anything thats useless as long as apple made it sounds revolutionary!

  5. jeff10932 says:

    I want some frankfurters.

  6. Len Williams says:

    Buster, you might as well start shilling for Windows and Android. Just because Jon Ive has a nice voice and manner, it doesn’t hypnotize anyone into buying anything–unless they have an IQ of about 6. You’re helping to promote the idea that people who buy Apple products are iSheep hypnotized into doing it, when what sells the products is the quality of the products themselves. This is an empty fluff article which I’ve seen is more and more of what you’ve been writing. How about giving us some tech news that increases our understanding of Apple products? And no, the video was still disgusting even with Jon’s voiceover.

  7. AppleDApp says:

    This seems like a good way to detox iPhone addicts.

  8. CharilaosMulder says:

    No, design does matter. Ask Steve.

  9. technochick says:

    Putting Sir Jony’s beautiful voice on that garbage is treason. Off with their heads

  10. Clark Wallace says:

    @Buster Just the media content! Great text though.

  11. ksuyen says:

    That guy is legendary.

  12. Stuka_UK says:

    It’s so weird to hear people talk about the British accent like that. I guess I should have moved to the States when I was young and I could have got laid a damn sight more than I did in good old Blighty….. Anyway, Jony doesn’t sound sexy to me, and in fact his eyes and expressions freak me out a little. He should tone it all down a bit as he comes over too intense.

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