The Banned iPhone 5 Promo Video Apple Never Released [Video]



Every promotional video Apple releases is oozing with ridiculous hype and self-importance. They’re beautiful and annoying at the same time. And as soon as Apple announces a new product you can be sure that 137 different parody videos will hit  YouTube the very next day

Most of the Apple parody videos rehash the same old jokes. Are they still funny anymore? I don’t know. But the guys at JLE have been making Apple parody videos for years now and just released their banned iPhone 5 promo video that is full of laughs. Check it out.

Source: YouTube

  • Gadget

    Created the iPhone 9 then worked backwards. I LOL’d.

  • BigLama

    “We created the iPhone 9 and worked backwards.” Not gonna lie but that was funny!
    Anyone know where i can watch morre videos from them?!

  • Laga Mahesa

    Why the hell are parody videos labelled as ‘banned’? It’s a misuse of language that annoys the hell ouf of me, and is grossly misleading.

  • djkikrome

    Just didn’t find it as funny and I’m not sure why. Loved the part about Siri “Hit it biotch!” And the face time to “see teets anywhere”. That was the extent of my enjoyment of it. And the F google maps.

  • technochick

    lame. bad acting, bad jokes. Basically the same schtick this group does product after product.