Canon 6D: Tiny Full-Frame Body Squeezes In GPS And Wi-Fi



Oh, it is soooo on. Right after the announcement of Nikon's (relatively) cheap and small full-frame 24MP D600, comes Canon's reply: the 6D, a (you guessed it) small and budget-minded full-frame SLR. And it adds Wi-Fi and GPS.

The 600D packs a 20MP sensor, ISO up to 25,600 (thrashing Nikon's pathetic — for 2012 — ISO 6,400) and fast, low-light autofucus.

And as a sign of the future, the camera has GPS and Wi-Fi built in. Let's think about that for a second: This full-frame DSLR from Canon packs in smartphone features that many premium compacts don't yet have.

Thus, you can geotag all your images and transfer them straight to a computer, the internet (YouTube videos are going to take a jump in quality) and of course direct to your iPhone or iPad. In fact, apps will let you control the camera direct from your smartphone.

This is neat stuff indeed. The reason I use my iPad to take all my photos these days is GPS, editing and sharing convenience. And Canon just solved all of these in one go. With a DSLR.

Price: $2,100, available in December 2012.

Source: Digital Photography Review