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New FitBits: The Bluetooth ‘One’ and The Cute ‘Zip’


The new FitBits are -- thankfully -- a lot like the old ones.
The new FitBits are -- thankfully -- a lot like the old ones.

FitBit, my favorite fitness and activity-tracking widget, has at last gotten a brother and sister, putting an end to that awkward only-child behavior which surely would have developed otherwise (animal torture; computer programming; you know the drill).

The newborns have been named FitBit Zip and FitBit One, the baby and the smart overachiever of the family, respectively. The One can also sync direct with your iPhone.

The Zip is a cheap little Tamagotchi-a-like which will cost $70 instead of the usual $100 for a FitBit, and which runs off a coin-cell instead of a rechargeable battery (it should last from four to six months). But the One is the, ahem, one that you want here. It replaces the older FitBit Ultra, is a little smaller, grips to your clothes a little tighter (both these new FitBits have the same clothespin-like jaw design) and packs Bluetooth 4 and a vibrator.

Bluetooth 4 means that it'll sync directly with your iPhone 4S/5 and your iPad 3, removing the need for both a computer and a wireless dongle, and a redesigned app (available today) makes it easier to view your stats and also to track your FitBit friends in a league table.

The vibrating alert, along with a brighter LED display, just makes things a little more convenient.

The Zip goes on sale today, and the new One will be available soon. My FitBit helped me drop around 15+ kilos through nerd number power alone, so I'm interested to see the new, non-computer versi

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