MacHeist 4’s First NanoMission Is Live, Solve To Win Free Version of Netshade



MacHeist 4’s first nanoMission is live as of now, according to an email I just got from the organizers. Solving this one will net you one copy of NetShade, a $30 anonymous proxy software for your Mac that will let you search all those websites privately. While the prize isn’t a slam dunk by any means, it’s a nice little bit of kit for relatively little effort along with a bit of fun. Oh, and you’ll also be helping MacHeist donate 25% of the proceeds to a charity cause, so it’s definitely worth the karma points.

MacHeist started in 2006 as a way to bundle software from independent Mac developers, offering some of the best indie software out there, bundled together for a fantastic price. MacHeist 2 met similar success in 2007, leading to 2009’s MacHeist 3, from which the program raised $850,000 for charity and sold more than 80.000 bundles of indie software. There are over 1.4 million members of the MacHeist community (including myself) ready for this latest Heist.

To solve the nanoMission, you’ll need to download the Mac, iPhone or iPad app.

Once downloaded, follow the instructions in the app, solve the puzzles–consisting of light ray sliding-box puzzles along with spatial-logic ones, and submit your solution. You’ll get an email telling you how to grab the free copy of NetShade.

Oh, and you might as well grab the MacHeist 4 Agent app, while you’re at it. Just to be ready, of course.

More details and all the links are at the MacHeist 4 website.

Source: MacHeist 4

  • Pinky Pinto

    I’m stuck at the egg, meat, fire level…

  • camcham

    Me too! Has anyone solved the egg/meat level?