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Hackintosh Vendor Psystar Looks Suspiciously Fly-By-Night



Charles Arthur at The Guardian has been poking around into the history of Psystar, the Miami company selling the Open Computer, a cheapo Mac clone.

What Arthur found – or rather didn’t find — is extremely suspicious. No one answers the phone, and before this week, the company has left zero record of itself on the Web — Zero. No customer testimonials, no press releases, news stories or posts and comments on forums.

Also, the company changed it’s address on Tuesday while Arthur was writing his post. It moved from what looks like a suburban location to a more industrial one.

Writes Arthur: “But forgive me for being a bit sceptical, but isn’t it far, far more important whether the company has been around, has a reputation, and is going to deliver a machine? Isn’t it?”


6 responses to “Hackintosh Vendor Psystar Looks Suspiciously Fly-By-Night”

  1. Wolf says:

    Is it possible that they started this company mainly to sell the hack Macs through? They know they’ll get sued and there is a good chance Apple will kick their butts, so wouldn’t it make sense to sell it through a new company instead of potentially losing a more established company?

    That said, I wouldn’t give these guys a penny until I see some reviews about this machine.

  2. Jono500 says:

    You’ll find – as the URL you posted says – that Charles Arthur now writes for The Guardian

  3. J says:

    Quick note – Charles Arthur works for the Guardian, not the Independent.