InstaStory Makes Fantastic Slideshows From Your Instagram Photos



Instagram: Probably the best thing to happen to photography in recent years. InstaStory: a slick and simple little app which turns your Instagram photos into slideshows, and adds music. If you have an Instagram account, and you have an iDevice, then you should be downloading this free app right now.

On first launch, you'll need to log in to Instagram and grant InstaStory access to your photo stream. Then you're off! Just tap the thumbnails of any pictures you want to include and tap done. Now you can drag these thumbs to re-order them, and add captions. You can also pick a transition style (one for the whole slideshow) and add some music.

The music part is particularly clever. The app searches YouTube and lets you choose music from there. This means that a) pretty much any track you want is available, b) that the app's developer avoids the copyright issues of uploading your own music and c) that the music, along with your photos, are already in "the cloud," which means publishing your slideshow is instant.

You can preview your creation as many times as you like to tune things, and then publish to InstaStory, Facebook, Twitter or email. Your friends will need the app to view the slideshow, but that's no big deal, as it's free. If only there were some way to incorporate the slideshows back into your Instagram timeline, this app would be just about perfect.

So go check it out. And if you want to see my two-minute attempt at a slideshow, you can check it out here.

Source: My InstaStory
Thanks: Roei!