Should You Pre-order The iPhone 5 Or Buy It From The Apple Store? [Let’s Talk]




You probably already know whether or not you’re going to buy the iPhone 5 by now, but how are you going to buy it? John Brownlee published his excellent guide on how to pre-order the iPhone 5 the right way, but is pre-ordering the best way to go? Yes, it’s the surest bet. If you pre-order early, you’re guaranteed to get your iPhone 5 on September 21st.

Here’s my dilemma though; my FedEx guy never shows up till 6pm, and during the iPad 3 launch there weren’t any lines at the Apple Store after 11am, so I just walked in and bought the new iPad and was out of the store in five minutes. I’m thinking that might be the case this year with the iPhone 5 too, but demand for the iPhone 5 is going to be higher than it was for the iPad 3. Do you think the lines at stores are going to be lower this year because everyone will pre-order? Which would you choose?

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