Apple’s First Ever Double-Row Genius Bar Coming Soon To New Jersey [Report]


This short move along the mall would triple the size of Apple's Garden State store.
This short move along the mall would triple the size of Apple's Garden State store.

Apple is reportedly gearing up to bring the first double-row Genius Bar to its new Garden State Plaza store in New Jersey. The Cupertino company is planning to move the store into a larger space in the mall, and it’s said that the Genius Bar will be one area that sees the benefits of the additional space. For customers, that means more Geniuses on-site to fix your troublesome iPhone.

IFOAppleStore reports that the Garden State store, which first opened in February 2006 in a 30-foot-wide space, is now so overcrowded that Apple is preparing to move it. It’s looking at a store two spaces away, according to the report, where a Charlotte Russe store once stood — which would nearly triple the store’s square-footage.

With all that extra space, the Genius Bar is expected to double in size, meaning there will be twice as many Geniuses dealing with twice as many customers at once. There will be two desks, one behind the other, “allowing 360-degree access.”

This “floating” Genius Bar approach was first tested at Apple’s Los Gatos store in North California last July, according to IFO, which saw the desk rotated 90 degrees to provide better access. And this isn’t the only attempt Apple has made to make room for more Geniuses.

Two weeks ago, the company expanded its Bellevue Square store in Washington and added a Genius Bar what stretches almost the entire width of the store.

Source: IFOAppleStore

  • rainerschuhsler

    This won’t be the first ever store with double genius bars. The Apple Store in Highland Village, Houston, Texas opened in March and has two Genius Bars.

  • ddevito

    That’s the store I bought my iMac and iPhone 3G in back in ’07. HUUGE mall.