The iPhone 5: Everything You Wanted Or A Major Disappointment? [Poll]


The iPhone 5 is going to be huge.
How do you feel about this?

Apple’s iPhone 5 is almost everything we expected it to be. If you’ve been following the rumor mill in recent months, it’s probably safe to assume everything you saw at yesterday’s event regarding the iPhone, you already knew. But does that make the iPhone 5 any less incredible? With its 4-inch display, A6 processor, improved cameras, and LTE connectivity, could you label iPhone 5 “disappointing” because there are no surprises?

I don’t think I could, but I’d like to hear what you think. Leave your answer below.

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  • suomynona

    It was only a disappointment for me because of all the darn rumors. Completely spoiled the hype. Sorry. :(

  • Whodakat

    New screen, new body, new processor, better camera…start a thread asking what exactly people wanted to see? (The one thing I would have liked to have seen is finger print scanning. I guess the S in 5S is going to stand for security!).

  • Sean Shamus McCabe

    I was hoping it would transform into a robot and make a fresh pot of coffee before I woke up but I’ll just have to settle.

  • gnomehole

    I agree, the only thing that spoiled it was the rumors… blogs outing the iPhone months prior is the disappointment… Apple shouldn’t take the hit for that.

    All the same, I still like the current design and am very happy they kept it so similar. Everything else is completely new… so not a lot to complain!

    I can’t wait to get it…

  • Mike Xidis

    Because of the early rumors, I was initially disappointed. Apple Media events are my adult versions of Christmas, and Apple is my Santa Clause. I immediately went out and purchased a Galaxy S3, thinking that Apple just didn’t do enough to make the 5 my new, top-o-da-line handset.

    Fast-forward 5 hours from my S3 purchase: I realized that while Android OS has some great features that I’d love Apple to bring to iOS, and the S3 has some great hardware, the iPhone and iOS do everything that I do most better than android.
    1. I tried using google’s cloud services and 3rd party work arounds to seamlessly sync the same information that my iPhone and Mac synced, but after a few hours of message board reading, I became hopelessly frustrated.
    2. I thought the bigger 4.8inch display would be the bomb. I found that Apple really has chosen the perfect width ratio for my hands.
    3. I love the customization available in android as far as home screens and the like go. However, I found that I was so conditioned with Apple to just open an app to see the information, that I didn’t even look at the widgets and always found it difficult to find the app that I needed.
    4. BLOATWARE: I thought that carriers had stopped adding bloatware to phones when the smartphone craze happened. Not only did AT&T add 8-10 apps that I would never use, but Samsung did as well. I realize that some of those apps have value, but I guess I’m just conditioned to finding the apps myself from third parties/app store.

    After my afternoon/evening with the Galaxy S3 I have a new appreciation for the care that Apple takes in making a product reliable, comfortable, and just feel right in my hand and my life. I realize some of that is the result of 3 years of iOS/Mac conditioning, but such is life. Apple may not be making a revolutionary new product every year, but they are constantly refining a product until the revolutionary technology allows another jump.

  • pfftsigh

    Maybe people who are disappointed expects some lazers, hologram, instant-transmission/teleporter.

  • B066Y

    I would have loved to have seen an updated UI or something that would make the iPhone standout again (I agree with Apple that NFC and wireless charging are gimmicks in their current form). This update, both hardware and software, just seems like Apple playing catch-up to stay on par with Android but not exceed it. In my opinion, the only company they still have a leg up on is RIM. Right now the only thing to keep people from moving to a different phone is all the apps they have already bought.

  • shade/ohio

    been using iphone since 2009 but my iphone 4 is great nothing new in the iphone 5 that makes you u want it

  • rpez021

    Why stick with a bastard resolution? 1136×640? 326ppi padded out to 720 would make the screen exactly 0.248inches wider. Not to mention they push 720p on us with FaceTime HD, the AppleTV 2nd gen, it’s an HDTV standard and one of the options for iMovie, FinalCut, etc. I could definitely live with that, and who knows? Maybe that’s next.

    That’s pretty much the only thing I’d change over what they announced.

  • CharilaosMulder

    I wanted it to make coffee, but then I realized there’s an app for that

  • onegiantleap

    DIsappointed, but I will still buy one. Missing: Option to flag calendar entry as private (business environment). Face recognition or fingerprint login instead of crappy password.

  • Zac Krasnov

    I tried all phones from Palm Pre to BB wit hsome Android in the middle, and I came to conclusion that iPhone is the simpleset to use, dont get me wrong it has some features i would like to have but at the end of the day it does what i need it to do, no phone is perfect and we all have different needs for me its the iPhone for someone else it can be Android, BB or Win it does not matter the bottom line that we all have choices and love our phones.

  • The_Truth_Hurts

    Not enough change. Nice phone , but nothing that really makes it stand out from the rest of the phones out there. More catching up with the competition than passing the competition.

  • Len Williams

    The fun of a new product launch is finding out what gems Apple has created behind its mystic wall of secrecy. However, the tech espionage was so good this time that there was really no surprise at all, which made the event seem rather anticlimactic. I felt like I was watching a movie where all the best parts had already been shown for months in the trailers, and that I’ve been spoiled in past events because I didn’t know what would be revealed. To get the magic back, Apple needs to triple its security to prevent the leaks.

    I love my iPhone 4S and its speed and maps and apps, but I’m definitely upgrading to the iPhone 5 for its taller screen, double the processing speed and better battery life. iOS 6 with its turn by turn directions means I can leave my standalone GPS behind. I’m pleased to see Siri growing in capabilities, and I’m very glad to see she can launch apps now (something I thought she should have from the start). Siri has completely changed the way I use my iPhone and I can’t wait until she becomes part of the Mac OS.

    Gazelle and other buy-back companies are willing to pay me almost as much money as it will cost to upgrade my phone, so for an extra few bucks I’ll have the latest and greatest. Now I just have to see if Incipio is manufacturing my favorite case in the new size.

  • gary32283

    This really shows you how important Steve Jobs was for Apple. All Tim Cook did was make the phone faster, thinner and lighter. Steve would’ve gone outside the box and gave us something nobody has thought of.

  • TylerHoj

    No ones talking about the price jump! It went up $50. Keep in mind Im not a sucker who buys on contract. The new iPhone is $699 where asthe 4S hit the market at $649.

  • BigLama

    Im not disappointed, i cant blame apple for having images leaked. i think the design is great, and the functionality of the product is still good.
    i made the mistake of being a 4s a few months back its still brand new but i for sure will be buying this phone.

  • bdkennedy

    Right, there were no surprises. Sure the hardware was upgraded but it didn’t offer anything that the iPhone 4S isn’t getting in iOS 6 so I went out yesterday and bought a 4S. I guess we’ll see next quarter what happens. I think Apple has hit a wall and they need to start thinking about something else besides how thin and light they can make something.


    To me, a lot of the “new features” will be iOS 6 related. I thought to myself, what does the 5 have over my 4s that would make me want to drop several 100 for. One more row of apps? Pass. Faster processor to open instagram 2.5x faster. pass. Still 8mp camera in back with new internals. Pass. Facetime in 720p? Pass. LTE? I want. So would I be willing right now to drop several 100 for LTE is my biggest question and right now i’m not sure. More leaning towards no. I can handle 3G speeds for at least another year until the 5s and new design. I’m tired of seeing the metal band design by now. I wouldn’t want to be stuck looking at it for another 2 years

  • Rowanova

    I’ll be keeping my iPhone 4 due to a major lack of innovation and true upgrade in any manner by Apple with regards to the iPhone 5. I expected far more. They finally made a (somewhat) larger screen, but it’s that dorky-assed tall skinny design. It’s ugly and is still the smallest screen on any middle to upper end smart phone on the market.One size does not fit all. FAIL.

    As for the software and specs, all they did was finally catch up to where most other newer smart phones are at already. All that was accomplished was add in what others have already had for a while, in some cases a year or more already. And in some cases they didn’t even do that. At best they aren’t as far behind as they were last week, but the iPhone 5 will be outdated, outdone, and behind again next week. FAIL

    Apple failed to show me they deserve my hard earned cash. Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry 10 are now starting to get my attention.

  • ddevito

    Apple needs to pay its factory workers more money so they don’t sell out at the drop of a hat for a leak.

  • robert_walter

    Its everything i expected it to be (due to leaks), but not what i wanted it to be.

    Looks great but is missing Nfc, inductive charging as primary method, water-resistant rating. Would have traded weight savings and processor bumps for at least two out of three of these.

    Not sure why i would need, or really want, to upgrade from my 4S.

    Ps the guy below who in his disappointment ran out and bought an S3 fails to say that he returned it; credibility gap?

  • Alex Vizzini

    Hardware, iPhone 5 is an incredible product. Software is starting to slack though. And I thought with the incredible performance boost we could get some more exclusive iOS tweaks like live icons.

  • kavok

    The only thing that disappointed me was the fact Apple couldn’t lock down their manufacturers to prevent leaks, thus ruining the anticipation for the event and announcements. Hopefully they can do something to rectify the issue for future products.

  • BelievetheHype

    Here is a thought.. Perhaps apple allowed all the leaks of the iphone 5. When there is complete secracy of what is to come out you have ridiculous rumors out there and this can hurt apple. Nothing worse than expecting a device that is suppose to deliver on the crazy over the top rumors and then apple unveils the actual iphone 5, which while still very good, it does not live up to the ridiculous hype.

  • Jonathan Mello

    Going through some of the negative feedback and then watching the keynote this morning I’m stuck wondering…. What did you want the phone to serve you breakfast in bed too? I mean really. I’d like to know what the expectations even were, that were obviously lowered so much with this release.

  • Matthew Gonzales Landry

    I thought that the iPhone 5 was great. I think the iPhone 5 is great. Not often do you get a company that has the ability to match the performance of much, much bigger phones and boast the precise level of thinness that the iPhone 5 possess.

  • Eitot

    I think that iPhone users just have become sated and can’t accept the idea that the iPhone 5 is in fact a state-of-the-art smartphone. Over the years, the iPhone has been substantially improved hardware-wise by adding better networking, a Retina display, a better camera – all features that were significant for the iPhone’s success and were required to keep the iPhone competitive. The fact that the iPhone 4S and now iPhone 5 are technically more ‘incremental’ updates, aside from the taller screen, like better screen quality and colours, more networking capabilities, etc. shows to me that Apple is genuinely happy with the iPhone since the 4th generation. To be simple: the iPhone is still an iPhone. It looks like one, it feels like one, it works like one. People seem to be demanding features that are either not yet properly developed in the industry or are just not ready for the market, or they are even unhappy just because there is nothing ‘new’ and can’t seem to point what is missing.

    I think the battle of smartphones will have to be decided by the software, not the hardware. If we are honest, Android has surpassed iOS a while ago, even for Apple’s current flagship feature Siri. If the iPhone is to be remain the market leader, the software needs to be more competitive. The hardware only won’t cut it I’m afraid.