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Which Features Does iOS 6 Support In Your Country?


Thanks, Siri. Thanks a lot.



Apple’s hardware product lines might be clean and sparse to the point of obsession, but behind the scenes it’s another story. Take iOS 6, for example. While yesterday’s Apple keynote showed off plenty of new features, many of them are location dependent. And I’m not talking about maps here – many features are switched off outside of the U.S, and just which one’s you can use depends on the country you’re in.

This page on Apple.com will give you the lowdown.

Are you excited about Siri’s movie listings and sports scores? Then I hope you don’t live in Portugal or Russia. Movie info? You’re fine in many places, including Spain, but if you want reviews, you’ll need to be in Australia, the U.S, the UK or Canada. And if you want Siri to tell you when the movies are showing, then you can knock Oz off that list.

Clearly these holes will be filled in with time. Apple needs to fly its 3-D mapping planes over more cities, and to have its minion hook up sports and movie info in more countries and languages. it’s just a matter of time.

But if you want to buy TV shows? Tough. Whereas music and movies have been licensed for most of the world’s iTunes stores, TV shows remain U.S and UK-only. It’s pathetic, really, and the fault of the TV companies, not Apple. I guess we’ll just have to wait a few years longer to see those shows – after all, it’s not like there’s any way to automatically get new shows on your iPad for free.

Source: Apple