The New iPod Nano Looks A Lot Like The Nokia Lumia 800 [Image]



The teeny-tiny iPod Nano was announced back in September 2010, and its larger screen successor was just announced today. The new iPod Nano is still small and thin, but it also kind of looks like the Nokia Lumia 800 that debuted in October 2011, don’t you think?

Here is a higher-res picture.

Source: Twitter

  • Matthew Gonzales Landry

    You mean the rectangle Nokia Lumia 800 looked like the square iPod nano? All they did was make it longer and added a home button, so the design was kind of always there.

  • tomhut

    It looks more like this internal apple prototype from 2006

  • Zeteboy

    So that’s the end of the nano watch.

  • Kevin Harris

    Hmmm, except one is a phone? And the other is not? Let’s just keep stirring up shit shall we?

  • TennisNewz

    Don’t really understand why they basically doubled the size of the Nano. Unless for some reason you need to store it in water and are concerned about not taking up too much volume, the cross section of the front is what makes it small. Or in this case, what makes it large. 6th gen Nano was like a shuffle with way more features. I don’t know what to make of the 7th gen. It’s larger and doesn’t clip on anymore so you need a case. It has a pedometer which won’t be of any use unless you get some kind of case that you’d never buy other than to make the pedometer work correctly. It has a larger screen but still way too small to be worth watching anything on. Without a camera or iOS and a tiny screen it’s really only good for listening to music on or using Nike+. IMO the 6th gen was better overall for that. Smaller, clips on, you can position it so the accelerometer will work better than the pedometer in the new version (unless you get some waistband case or something stupid like that). Don’t really get it. If they had at least put the camera back in it would have made a bit more sense because they’d be targeting a different market.

  • The_Truth_Hurts

    Apparently, the new nano looks identical to an old Sony MP3 player.

  • ekim1406

    maybe they’ll argue that it looks like an early iphone prototype (via this site

  • kavi

    Nokia may not sue apple for nano looking like lumia 800!

  • gnomehole

    Don’t look now… its actually just the opposite…