What’s The Most Important Feature Of The iPhone 5? [Poll]


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  • Solowalker

    How about an “All of the Above”? Seriously. I’m on an iPhone 4. “2x performance” = something like 6x CPU and 14x graphics for me. And camera improvements? Don’t even get me started! Plus LTE, display improvements, in a thinner, lighter, more durable casing all with better battery life? It really is quite the feat and an ENORMOUS improvement.

    To underscore my point, I guess I have to choose Battery Life Improvements.

  • Brian Voll

    Why is LTE not an option? That’s the main reason I’d be upgrading from my 4S.

  • JP Jay

    Ummmm, how about LTE? The most important feature in my opinion

  • Glenn Gore

    LTE is the most important new feature. I know it’s been on Android devices for years, but Verizon’s LTE network is now big enough to really make a difference and is connecting the dots in between the major cities. AT&T and Sprints’ LTE networks are really not a factor unless you never travel outside their tiny bubbles of LTE coverage, but if you’re a Verizon customer, this is the big deal feature for you.