The iPhone 5 And New iPod Touch Might Support Panorama Photo Mode



There are couple dozen apps for iOS that will allow you to take a panoramic picture by scanning your iPhone over a scene and stitch the photos together into one really long picture. Most of them aren’t great, but Apple might release a feature of their own on the iPhone 5 that supports panorama photo mode.

iOS developer Will Strafach, aka Chronic, stated on Twitter today –

[iPod Touch] “has that Panoramic photo feature enabled as far as I know. I think the new iPhone does as well.”

Will deleted his tweet shortly after, but when asked if he deleted it because he wasn’t sure about his information on panorama, he stated that he is, he just deleted the tweet because he felt it was already known.

Panoramic mode has been a hidden feature in iOS 5 for sometime now, but has only been accessible through some iOS trickery. Apple hasn’t stated that Panoramic mode will be available in iOS 6 yet, but we may hear more about it at tomorrow’s keynote.

Source: Twitter

Via: Macrumors