Is This What The Next iPod Touch Will Look Like? [Image]



The internet has been obsessed with the iPhone 5 so much the last few months that not much has been said about the iPod Touch. Last year Apple didn’t update the device, and some think it may go away altogether once the iPad Mini is released. Does Apple have one more update in the pipeline, and will it maybe look something like this?

Guilherme Schasiepen has been dreaming about new iPod Touches and came up with these mockup drawings off what it might look like. Guilherme’s concept features a super-thin body, built-in speakers that match the iPhone 5, a 4-inch display, 9-Pin Dock connector, and new camera. He even went crazy and included some concepts of what a redesigned iPod Classic would look like.




Source: Flickr

Via: iDB


  • SamuelBrock

    Don’t think we’ll see another classic, but wouldn’t that be just retro-tastic and awesome with a gorilla-glass frontside?

  • ddevito

    looks like a mini iPad :p

  • Bengie Cruz

    i like me some ipod classic please! 256 or 320gb!!!!

  • The_Truth_Hurts

    The classic was an mp3 player that was “cheap”, yet provide massive storage. 128/256GB SSD….? You know how much it is going to COST you…..?

    Plus, if Apple went that way, they would just add a 128/256GB to the touch lineup.

    16GB: $200
    32GB: $300
    64GB: $400
    128GB: $500….? (That is just pure speculation)

    What if Google “keeps” the Galaxy Nexus, and drop it’s price even more…?
    GN 16GB: $250 to $300
    GN 32GB: $300 to $400

    Why I bring that up is: “Cheap” Unlocked “flagship(isk)” phones….? What if Google/Microsoft “push” unlock phones….?

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus. We can expect something with exact same hardware to break the $300 barrier (with 16GB memory), this fall.

    The question is: Will people pick up an iPod touch (or similar) if for (about) $100 more they can have a Phone as well….?

    If I was about to buy my child an iPod touch for $200, and saw for $100 more, I can get them a phone AS WELL, I might as well spend the extra $100 and get them a mp3 player as well as a phone. Plus, since I paid full price for the Phone, I can get them a crazy cheap plan or put the whole family on a crazy cheap plan.

    Of course, if you want Apple, It’s gonna be “expensive”, so you won’t be able to pick up a “decent” iPhone at a “killer” price.
    iPhone 3G S: $375, iPhone 4: $550. Don’t ask me why people will spend that much for those phones when for $350 you can get a Galaxy Nexus that is on par (if not better) than an iPhone 4S.

    Yes, If you REALLY want iOS, you will have to buy an iPhone/iPod/etc…

    But if Google/Microsoft start pushing phone prices down, that may destroy the iPod/mp3 market.

    Nokia Lumia 710 can be had for $275. That price can be dropped even lover. $250 now…? That’s just $50 more than your iPod touch and that includes a phone. Lumia 610…? Not sold in America, but that’s even cheaper. Probably around $200.

    So basically, is their an iPod/mp3 market anymore….? Those cellular Chips are not that much. Meaning that for a “cellular” version of these, just add $50 to $100 to the price. so (literally) you could get an “iPhone” for $300. And for $100 more? You might as well spend that extra money.

    Again, Apple probably won’t do that because that will cut into their profit margins massively, but what about other companies? I expect smartphone prices to drop significantly.

    And it comes to the point: Can MP3/iPods be around, when smartphone prices are dropping significantly…?

    Right now, you can pick up a Samsung Galaxy Nexus for $350. $150 more than an entry level iPod touch. But this has double the memory AND a phone. And the great thing is? it’s unlocked, so you can put in crazy cheap pre-paid cards. Or, if you switch to T-mobile, you can get 200 MB of data for $5, 2GB for $10, $5 add-a-line fee, $10 family texting. Meaning if you decide to give your child a (smart)phone the prices can be crazy cheap.

  • TylerHoj

    I think the classic is dead but if Apple did release a classic like in this post than Id drop hundreds on it. It’s a real shame Apple has forgotten about their iPod line over the last few years.

  • assyrianpride

    this ipod touch sucks, the new ipod classic is pretty cool though.