Steve Jobs Raps About The iPhone 5, Bashes Tim Cook In Humorous Parody Video [Humor]



Bored of all iPhone 5 and iPad mini rumors? How about a little light-hearted rap to brighten up your day? Check out this hilarious parody video  from Mondo, in which a Steve Jobs hologram appears at an Apple event to rap about the iPhone 5 and puts Tim Cook in his place.

The clip contains some obscenities, but I think you’ll agree it’s pretty funny without being too irreverent.

Source: YouTube

Via: Today’s iPhone

  • Clark Wallace

    That was beyond epic.

  • ddevito

    I’m the biggest Android fantroll and even I find Steve Jobs mockeries such as this quite classless.

  • Matheus Soares

    That was mean! I hated it! I can’t stand how all those ads (parodies in this case) are trying to make people think apple products are for “everyone else”. I I’d much rather buy from a solid, respectable company, than from the likes of samsung. cheaply-made and run by butthurt childish folks, korean but with no sense of honor. Yes, i’m mad, I don’t sleep for weeks.

  • nickp91

    I’ve still got a feeling Steve Jobs will appear as a hologram

  • technochick

    nope, do not agree one bit. Poorly done. Tasteless. Rude. And not the least bit funny