Incase’s Pathway Bags Are As Ruggedly Handsome As George Clooney


Happy Christmas/birthday/[insert gift-giving occasion here].



If you were to ask me what my ideal Christmas morning looked like, then the photograph above is a pretty good answer. I have a thing for bags, cases and sleeves of all kinds, and these leather and cotton twill Pathway bags from Incase make for a compelling range. The only problem is choosing which one you want.

The cases and bags run from $60 for the sleeve up to $250 for the shoulder bag, and in between there are a confusion of tote bags, fancier sleeves and folios. All are padded and have handsome/protective leather trim, and they are variously sized to fit the 11-inch MacBookAir, and the 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pros.

Would I buy one? Nah. I almost never venture out with a notebook these days, and if I do it gets slung into a backpack so I don’t crunch my shoulder with the weight of my pre-Air 13-inch unibody MacBook. If Apple ever puts a 4G SIM slot and a true ten-hour battery into a notebook, though, I might be in the market for a new computer and one of these great-looking bags.

Source: Incase

Thanks: Rachel!