NexPhone Transforms Into Tablet, Notebook and Desktop. In Your Dreams


Convergence! In 2012!



If you think of a device that’s the very opposite of everything Apple makes, it would be the NexPhone. Whereas Apple makes a single product for each use-case (desktop, notebook, tablet, phone), each optimized for its own purpose, the NexPhone takes a Microsoftian approach. In fact, it makes the lame Surface “tablets” look sensible. Here’s the NexPhone’s tagline:

The smartphone that becomes a tablet, laptop or PC.

The problem starts with the obvious fact that the entire brain of all these machines sits inside the tiniest part – the phone. There are no specs for the Nex range right now (and the product shots are merely GGI mockups), but the company behind it – Kosmaz – saw fit to send a press release so here we are.


Nice hinge. Shame about the brain.

This phone can be hooked up to the back of a tablet, like a barnacle on a ship, or to a laptop or a desktop computer, and it will run Ubuntu, tailored for Android-compatible hardware.

The idea is a noble one. After all, who wouldn’t like all of their machines to contain the exact same apps and data, all the time. But even in a world where something like the iPad 3 can power a display that makes hi-def TV look like NTSC, there’s no way yet to make a phone powerful enough to run a desktop and yet battery-efficient and cool-running enough to use as a phone.




Worse, what about storage? Yes, you could have extra drives in your bigger machines, but that ruins the premise of all your media with you, all the time. If you’re going to put bigger SSDs and hard drives in those dumb terminals, why not also add a CPU and GPU?

Right now it seems like solutions like iCloud are the answer, syncing your data across devices whilst letting the hardware stay focussed on its particular task.

Source: NexLaptop

Thanks: Emre!