NexPhone Transforms Into Tablet, Notebook and Desktop. In Your Dreams


Convergence! In 2012!



If you think of a device that’s the very opposite of everything Apple makes, it would be the NexPhone. Whereas Apple makes a single product for each use-case (desktop, notebook, tablet, phone), each optimized for its own purpose, the NexPhone takes a Microsoftian approach. In fact, it makes the lame Surface “tablets” look sensible. Here’s the NexPhone’s tagline:

The smartphone that becomes a tablet, laptop or PC.

The problem starts with the obvious fact that the entire brain of all these machines sits inside the tiniest part – the phone. There are no specs for the Nex range right now (and the product shots are merely GGI mockups), but the company behind it – Kosmaz – saw fit to send a press release so here we are.


Nice hinge. Shame about the brain.

This phone can be hooked up to the back of a tablet, like a barnacle on a ship, or to a laptop or a desktop computer, and it will run Ubuntu, tailored for Android-compatible hardware.

The idea is a noble one. After all, who wouldn’t like all of their machines to contain the exact same apps and data, all the time. But even in a world where something like the iPad 3 can power a display that makes hi-def TV look like NTSC, there’s no way yet to make a phone powerful enough to run a desktop and yet battery-efficient and cool-running enough to use as a phone.




Worse, what about storage? Yes, you could have extra drives in your bigger machines, but that ruins the premise of all your media with you, all the time. If you’re going to put bigger SSDs and hard drives in those dumb terminals, why not also add a CPU and GPU?

Right now it seems like solutions like iCloud are the answer, syncing your data across devices whilst letting the hardware stay focussed on its particular task.

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  • The_Truth_Hurts

    Motorola already has phones that can “transform” into laptops/desktops. Asus already has a phone that can “transform” into a tablet.

    The future is a “pocketable” computer. Where you just take your phone out and drop it into a laptop-like dock to have a laptop, drop it into a desktop-like dock to do your desktop stuff.

    Matter of fact, ARM chips might be powerful enough for most people that they can all of their basic stuff no problem. Email? Facebook? watching video? listening to music? writing up a document? ARM should be plenty fine for it.

    Intel Atom chips already are going into phones. Matter of fact, you already have some “full windows 7” phones out there. Yes, running Full windows 7. Yes, the OS you can run on your computer. Practical…? Maybe not yet, but soon can be.

    Is Storage a problem? you already have 64GB chips and 64GB microSD cards.
    Samsung Galaxy Note II. 1.6 GHz quad core CPU, 2GB memory, ability to max out at 128GB storage capacity.

    Memory wise and storage wise it (basically) has the same as the entry level MBA 1 year ago. Maybe not the “power” of an entry level MBA, but probably enough power to run all the basic stuff people need.

    What I want is:
    Phone/tablet between 5-7 inches. (probably more between 5.5 and 6.5 inches)
    Tablet/laptop: Between 11-17 inches. Probably most likely around 13 inches
    Probably a desktop. But won’t go into it.

    Then have “cloud” computing. Meaning, I can go onto ANY internet connected device and (literally) have a desktop in the sky. Access my music/videos/documents/calendar/email/etc… (basically) everything is there. But it syncs with all of my devices to keep everything in sync.

    “Transforming” devices…..? Yeah. Or devices that can be multiple things. The thing is: I don’t want 20,000 devices. I want the fewest devices possible.

    Yes, I’ll use my phone to take photos. But if I want really good photos, I’ll have a DSLR camera. But what I’m not going to have is 4 cameras. phone camera, point & shoot, mirror-less camera and DSLR. I will just want a very good phone camera and some mirror-DSLR hybrid.

    Fewer devices. Fewer devices.

  • ddevito

    ubuntu for Android is already underway in development and does this exact thing.


  • BurstPipes

    I think its a great idea… I am an Ubuntu user and Android Phone user… I agree that the concept of this has been touched on before with the motorola, but this is different.

    The whole OS is based around Ubuntu for Android, which isn’t Android VNCing to Ubuntu when its on the Desktop or Laptop, this is native running side by side, both Ubuntu and Android unknown to a lot of people uses the Linux Kernel. Yes Android is Linux as too is Ubuntu ( The great thing about about this mastery is that phones these days are becoming more and more powerful, and with the introduction of quad core technology, a lot of phones are in fact more powerful than most home PC’s. So running Ubuntu in sync with Android, sharing the same kernel is not going to be to much of an issue for the Nexphone.

    All ipads and iphones run up to 64GBytes, which is more than enough memory to store stuff. The great peace of vital technology that Android has over iphone is the ability to scale up the amount of memory using a micro sd card, and with the added bonus of using the UBUNTU ONE cloud, which btw has been active for a couple of years longer than icloud, and is available to all platforms including Windows, iphone, ipad, Ubuntu users etc, also has the ability to sync and stream music. (Sorry Apple Fan Boys, FOSS did it first)

    When the phone is docked to the desktop/laptop docks, it becomes a full operating system, like Windows and Mac, this is not a half hearted attempt as a tablet OS, this is full blown eat your heart out Ubuntu, the worlds 3rd largest Desktop OS. Ubuntu is light weight and has been designed to operate on both ARM and x86. So there is no doubt that Ubuntu for Android is a fantastic concept and NexPhone can see the benefit of bringing Ubuntu and Android to work seamlessly across ALL form factors.

    Nobody in the future is going to want to have to buy a phone to do one thing, a laptop to do an other, a desktop for the office, or a musicplayer for the car, Nexphone along with Ubuntu for Android is a genius idea…and one that should not be knocked. or have taken the piss out of.

    Its such a shame Apple never thought of the idea first……. oh dear!!!

    Ok I sound like a troll, but I am just voicing my opinion, and I stand by Canonical and their great ideas. If you would like to know more about the people behind Ubuntu for Android head over to

  • Martin Dobson

    cool concept. But what if you misplace your phone or it gets damaged? It now renders all your “accessories” useless… especially if it’s a proprietary connector. I’ll give it the time of day when it comes to market.