Create Reminders For Specific Locations Right In Mountain Lion [OS X Tips]


Location Based Reminders in OS X 10.8

Sure, you’ve used location-based Reminders on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, but did you know that you can create them from your Mac, as well? If you’re running OS X Mountain Lion and have iCloud enabled on both your Mac and your iOS devices, you can have a seamless location-based Reminders system right out of the box. Here’s how.

Open the Reminders app on your Mac. Create a new reminder there, and then hover your mouse over the little information icon to the right of the reminder. Click on the icon, and then click into the “At a location” checkbox. If you haven’t done this before, a dialog box will pop up, asking you to allow your Mac access to your location. Go ahead, let it know where you are.

Now, you can type in an address, use the default Current Location, or choose a Contact from your own list of contacts from your Mac. Set the reminder to leaving the current location to test this out, if you don’t mind. Now, when you leave the place where your Mac is, you’ll get a notification on your iPhone or iPad – whichever device you have set up with iCloud and location services – when you leave.

This is a pretty sweet setup, to be honest – the ability to create things on my Mac and have them show up and be useful on my iPhone is the holy grail of location services, as far as I’m concerned. It’s why I love services and apps like Evernote. Now, if only I could click a button on a Google Map on my Mac and have it show up on my iPhone, I’d be set.

Via: OS X Daily

  • Carlos Francisco Suarez Doriga

    Hey Rob, I don’t know why, but from yesterday, the reminders in my Mac with a location alert do not sync the location to my iPhone and the other way around. The rest of the reminder synced correctly, but not the location alert. Any clue? Any help? Thanks!!!!!!!