Retina iMacs Have Been Delayed Because Of Production Problems, But 13-Inch Retina MacBook Pros Arrive In Next Month [Rumor]



The always sketechy Digitimes has a new report out, and as usual, douse your taste buds with brine, because they say that a Retina Display iMac was supposed to debut this month, but has been delayed because of production problems. They also say the 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro wil be out by October.

According to the spottily correct Asian newspaper, Apple has started mass shipping new iMacs and 13-inch Retina Display MacBook Pros this month. The 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro is a very real project, with it having popped up in benchtesting logs and in the supply chain for months. Digitimes says Apple wants these on shelves soon to take advantage of the back-to-shool / holiday shopping rush, which makes sense. Time’s a-tickin’.

More sketchy are Digitimes‘ claims that Retina iMacs have been delayed. While new iMacs are long overdue by almost 300 days, it’s not believed that Apple would be able to produce Retina display panels for the iMac line this year, and may, in fact, struggle to deliver such displays next year. Consequently, we have a hard time believing Digitimes’ assertion that the delay of these models is due to yield issues, although we do believe they are right that new iMacs will be coming next Month as well, probably with a slimmer new design and the abandoment of an optical drive.

Source: Digitimes

  • wytchkraft_corp

    I just want to know how much the price will rise for a Retina iMac…

  • robert_walter

    If the yields are low, but still significant, there would be potential to roll out a retina thunderbolt display in advance of an iMac roll out….