This Chart Shows The Complete Difference Between Apple And Amazon [Image]



Yes, Amazon just released some beautiful new Kindles with HD screens and an ecosystem that could one day potentially rival Apple’s. Not only do the new Kindles look great, but they’re super cheap too, because Amazon wants to make money when you’re using their devices, not when you buy their devices.

If you take a look at the chart above you can see how completely different Amazon is from Apple. While Amazon is content to sell products now and make profit later, Apple makes big profits off of small devices now, and keeps customers coming back with an incredible ecosystem. Which strategy do you think is best? Money talks right?

Source: ReadWriteWeb

  • Whodakat

    While Amazon is content to sell products now and make profit later,

    Um, when does later kick in?

  • viveksrn

    What is more important is to compare the number of units sold. I am sure Amazon is nowhere close, let alone the profits…

  • Buster

    Um, when does later kick in?

    I think theoretically, it’s supposed to happen once everyone buys 14billion eBooks in a quarter, cause amazon makes like a buck a piece on those

  • aardman

    Amazon’s below-cost pricing strategy is designed to kill rival content retailers and independent publishers. Once they accomplish this and become the sole vendor of content and sole publisher of authors’ works, guess whose prices will rise and whose royalties will decline?

    Hold no illusions. Amazon is evil.

  • rogifan

    So this is why Amazon’s PE is 300+ and people talk about Apple being a bubble ready to burst…