Quickly Activate Mobile Safari’s Private Browsing From Within Safari With Privata Tweak [Jailbreak]


Isn't that helpful?
Isn't that helpful?

Using mobile Safari’s private browsing mode on an iOS device is a pain, because you have to activate and deactivate via the Settings app. In fact, I’ve always found that it’s just easier to use a third-party browser. But not anymore. If you’ve got a jailbroken iOS device, installing the Privata tweak allows you to switch back and forth between Safari’s private browsing mode within Safari itself.

With Privata installed on your iOS device, you’ll find a “Toggle Private Browsing” option within mobile Safari’s actions menu, accessible from the navigation bar. And it does exactly what it says on the tin; tap this and you can switch straight to private browsing mode.

It’s that simple. No longer do you need to navigate the Settings app just to look at a few pictures of Megan Fox on the beach without leaving a trail. If you ask me, it should be this simple to begin with.

The great thing about Privata is that it’s completely free, and you’ll find it in Cydia now via the ModMyi repository.

Via: ModMyi