Sony Full-Frame Mirrorless RX1 Images Leak, And It Looks Awesome


Man oh man. This leaked Sony RX1 looks sweet indeed. If the rumors are to be believed, the camera is a mirrorless body with a full-frame sensor (the same sensor as the also-rumored Sony A99) and a whole bunch of manual controls. It also looks like it’ll play nice with proper, old-school 35mm lenses.

Sony rx1

We have no real details other than a guessed at price ($2,800) and the information in these product pictures. It looks like the camera will work best in aperture-priority mode. That is, the user sets the aperture and the camera then picks the corresponding shutter speed (and/or ISO setting) to make the exposure correct.

Not only this but as the lens in the overhead picture is set mid-way through the aperture range, it would seem that this is the way aperture is controlled — using the dial on the lens, as God intended.

Shutter speed seems to be relegated to a menu item somewhere, but there’s a +/- three-stop exposure-compensation dial on the top plate for fine-tuning the exposure, and focus also appears to be a choice between auto and manual.

Thinking of buying a Leica M8? Then wait. If the RX1 is as good as it seems to be, then those Leica cameras might just be shown up as the overpriced retro-trinkets they are becoming.

Source: Photoprice

Via: Photography Bay

  • doug_springer

    There’s no indication that it will play nice with any lenses other than the one mounted to it. Everything else I’ve read indicates it’s a fixed lens, including the article you reference (“a Zeiss 35mm f/2 fixed lens”), and there’s no lens release button visible anywhere. Leicas may be overpriced, but if this Sony does indeed have a fixed lens, then it’s way overpriced, full-frame or not.

  • TheKnightWhoSaysNi

    No viewfinder on such an expensive camera is a no-go.

  • James_Ala1

    This camera is in the same league as the top-of-the-line Fuji. My guess is Sony ditched the optical view finder to make the retro rangefinder super-compact. I’m also guessing the Carl Zeiss Sonar lens is going to be optical overkill. Matched with full frame sensor I can see this camera being a RAW format warrior.

    As for the price, meh, Carl Zeiss lenses do not come cheep. I’m also guessing that Sony is going to toss all sorts of gee-gaws for professionals and pro-sumer users. The price point is not as extreme as some would think as this camera is pitched to a very small and elite group of photographers. I can see this being used as a walk-about camera for these elite photographers. There are times when only a fixed lens, super compact and discrete camera will do. The combination of simplicity and control options does work for some photographers some times. It’s a niche product for sure, especially at near three grand, but so was the old school Rollie 35.