Spotify Set To Launch Pandora-Like Web App


Spotify is now in the land down under.
Spotify is now in the land down under.

Do you wish that Spotify had a free web version like Pandora? Your wish may soon be granted.

According to multiple reports, popular music streaming service Spotify is gearing up to unleash a full web app for paid and free customers.

TechCrunch reported first:

Multiple sources close to Spotify confirmed that the company is building out a browser version of its service. We’re awaiting a response from Spotify.

It’s unclear if the browser version will replace its downloadable desktop software or just augment it but either way, it will make Spotify much more accessible. Users will be able to access a massive catalogue of music plus their playlists from any computer they log in to. Removing the download from the onboarding process could also help it sign up more users. One challenge will be making sure it the web version feels just as snappy.

So discovery will be a major part of the web app, and hopefully it will be just as “snappy” as the native client. Hm.

AllThingsD followed up with its own confirmation:

Yes, as TechCrunch reported yesterday, the streaming music company is getting ready to roll out a version of its service that will work on a Web browser, instead of requiring special software.

But it’s not, as TechCrunch suggested yesterday, preparing to cut the rate for its mobile, ad-free service by 20 percent.

TechCrunch had suggested that Spotify would charge $8 instead of $10 for its Premium subscription. Looks like that may not be the case.

The web version of Spotify is said to launch in a few weeks. Instead of having to use the free Mac app, users will finally be able listen on the desktop through a browser. Can’t wait.

Source: TechCrunch

Via: AllThingsD