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Use Hold Instead Of Mute On Your iPhone [iOS Tips]



Here’s another one of those quirky, brilliant hidden features of the iPhone’s operating system. I’m sure you’ve all muted a phone call while on the line with someone, right? What about when you’re on speaker phone? Mute makes sure that the other person can’t hear you, but you certainly can still hear them. That can be frustrating, especially when in a room with other folks, like during an interview.

Sometimes it’s just good to mute both sides of the conversation, right? Hold is the way your iPhone can do that.

The process is simple. While on a phone call, tap and hold the Mute button. It will turn into a “Hold” button, and will highlight in blue, just like the Mute button does. When Hold is enabled, no one on the call will hear anyone else.

OS X Daily, where I found this tip originally, says that this feature is only available on AT&T and T-Mobile GSM network iPhones in the US, while Verizon and Sprint don’t support the feature on their CDMA phone networks. I suppose you can just use the Mute button, then, and just turn off speakerphone for a moment.

Bottom line, this seems like a silly little feature, but it’s there, so if you need it, now you know how to access it.

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Source: OS X Daily