Gallery: 10 Awesome Apple Logo Wallpapers



It’s been said countless times: one indicator of Apple’s superiority over Microsoft and Dell (and other major computer and electronics manufacturers that are — for the most part — associated with Windows) is the fact that Apple inspires creativity in the general populace on a scale that dwarfs the influence of any other computer-oriented company you’d care to name.

Some evidence of this can be found in the following gallery of 10 simply awesome wallpapers themed around nothing more complicated than the Apple logo. Perhaps you know others in this specific genre that belong in this class — we invite you to let us know about it in comments below.

And if you can find anything comparable out there built around a logo from Microsoft, Windows, Dell, HP, etc., do let us know about that, too.

This first offering comes from DeviantArt artist Advent Media, who initially collected a pile of icons to create a Twitter background. This Apple wallpaper is probably best for someone who keeps a minimalist desktop environment, but it’s still quite awesome in its breadth and detail. © 2009 Advent Media. Used with permission.


One of this correspondent’s favorite Apple wallpapers, from Flickr user alepsi. The use of the ‘rising sun’ motif found in such colorful display on the flags of Japan and Tibet is rendered here in stark grayscale, offsetting the clear blue Apple logo to powerful effect. Note the subtle use of stroke outline on the Apple logo, too, in the large version linked to in the post image. © 2008 alepsi. Used with permission.


Here’s another image that’s been around for a while, from a young artist by the name of Manuel, from Spain. Sssssmokin’… © 2008 aunshi_22. Used with permission.

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