Macworld Reviews Inside Steve’s Brain



In more good news, the first review of Inside Steve’s Brain — my new book about Steve Jobs — has been published by Even better, reviewer Dan Pourhadi likes it.

In his new book, Inside Steve’s Brain (Portfolio, 2008), however, Leander Kahney attempts to go beyond the obvious by offering a detailed, concept-oriented, blow-by-blow look at Apple CEO and what makes him tick–his history, his ideas, his ideals, his reasoning, his behavior, his relationships, even his footwear choices.

Kahney’s the right person for the job, too: He has an extensive history covering Apple and Steve Jobs since the early 1990’s, has written two previous books on the company, and has been running Wired’s Cult of Mac blog for ages.

Macworld is a tough audience, so I’m especially glad they liked it. The book is out next week.

  • leigh

    Can’t wait to get a copy Leander…

  • TLL

    are you going to put this up on pirate bay like cult of mac and cult of iPod? Hope so!

  • Dan Pourhadi

    Here’s my full, un-cut review of the book, if you’re interested.