Gripster, The iPad Handle Cool Enough For A Hipster


Gadgets with handles are dorky as hell: just ask anyone who owned one of the original Toilet-Seat iBooks about the teasing they endured. But handles are also, well, dead handy – just ask those same iBook owners.

The folks at Native Union have tried to mitigate the inherent dorkiness of the Gripster iPad case by picturing it being held by hot, hot models in the product photos. The usefulness, though, needs no disguise or apologies.

Like the Speck HandyShell, the Gripster is a rear shell case with a looped, hinged handle. Unlike the Speck, the Gripster looks more like a case and less like some kind of hospital equipment.

The Gripster also has a spinning, click-stopping feature, which lets the grip sit locked at one of eight positions in its 360˚ path. Thus, you can use it as a multi-angle stand for both vertical and horizontal orientations, and twist it to make a one-handed, uh, handle however you want it.

I still have a HandyShell knocking around somewhere, and while I occasionally use it to turn my iPad into a camera, I find it too bulky for general use. In this regard, the Gripster looks a lot better. Also, it’s called the Gripster – a much better name.

Source: Gripster

  • Mikael Hansen

    If not for my shallowness, I would go for this.
    Love the concept though.