iPhone Case Cleverly Carries Charging Cable [Kickstarter]


Ultra thin, apparently. Also: Pat.pending.

It used to be that if your phone ran out of juice, you could just pop into the nearest bar or cafe and ask “Do you have a Nokia charger?”, and the waitron would hand you one of the needle-tipped jacks from some cupboard or drawer.

Now, things have moved on. Battery life is measured in hours, not days, and Nokia is going the way of RIM and if a bar has an iPhone charger, it’s likely the bartender is using it to charge his own iPhone.

What you need is a charger that is always with you. What you need is the Case:Lynk.

The Case:Lynk is an iPhone case which incorporates a slide-out, removable USB to 30-pin dock connector cable. The flat, fat-ribbon style cable is cleverly tapered into a triangular shape which locks into its slot when not in use.

There are of course roughly one billion USB-to-dock cables available, but this one is designed to always be with your iPhone, whenever you may need it, and in that regard it deserves a mention. In short, if you keep your iPhone in a case, and you regularly need a cable to sync or charge it, then why not combine the two?

The only problem I see is that the Kickstarter project wants a whopping $125,000 to, well, to kickstart it. Given that the cases are only $40, this could take a while to reach.

Source: Kickstarter