Wooden Plank Is A Surprisingly Functional iPhone Accessory



“Plank of wood” might be a lame sounding iPhone accessory, but tell that to a kid whose favorite toy is a “cardboard box” or an iPad owner whose favorite computer is a slab of glass with a metal back.

And the plank in question actually packs some pretty great features, ready to be accessed while it floats up there in front of your wall. That’s right. I said “floats.”

The little plank is in fact a wooden shelf with one of those clever internal brackets which are invisible when mounted. Screw it to the wall, slide the hollow shelf on like a square, rigid glove and you’re done. You can now rest the iPhone on top when you get home or – more likely – as it charges.

But that’s not all. Underneath you’ll find a magnetic strip for stashing keys. This makes me think that the plank is meant to be kept beside the front door, but in that case your iPhone will almost never be on it. You do you your iPhone at home, right?

The plank is pretty cheap, coming in at between $20 and $30. Sure, you could totally roll your own with a few Ikea hacks, but at this price, what would be the point?

Source: Fancy


  • Bobby Autrey

    “You do you your iPhone at home, right?”

    You do you a proofreader, right?

  • shannon_f

    So many CoM articles have annoying typos. It’s like none of the writers read their articles before posting them…

  • markp99

    “You do you your iPhone at home, right?”

    You do you a proofreader, right?

    They do you proofreader, not so much :D

  • thegraphicmac

    The occasional typo is to be expected. But CoM has made an art of it. Virtually every article here has typos and/or grammatical errors. Even that could be overlooked, were it not for the fact that quite a few of their opinion pieces are factually incorrect on top of it.

  • Gadget

    Put an induction charger in there and now we’re talking

  • Carlos Noriega

    This is just a small shelf wtf