Even Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos Thinks Android Tablets Suck



Amazon’s keynote has just gotten underway where CEO Jeff Bezos is unveiling some new Kindles. Before anything was revealed though, Bezos took a jab at other Android tablets and basically said they suck.

“Customers are smart. Last year, there were more than two dozen Android tablets launched into the marketplace, and nobody bought ’em. Why? Because they’re gadgets, and people don’t want gadgets anymore. They want services that improve over time. They want services that improve every day, every week, and every month.”

Bezos is totally right. The reason why the Kindle has been successful where Android tablets have failed is because the Kindle is focused on giving customers the best services possible to improve their lives.The Kindle focuses on services Amazon Prime Video, Lending Library, and apps, while other Android tablets are just a bunch of hardware specs crammed in a metal slate.

Same thing goes for the iPad. It’s not a gadget that’s hard to understand. It has services like the App Store, iBookstore, iTunes, etc, that make it a place where users can come and interact with the things they love. Right now it seems like Amazon is the only other company that really gets tablets the way Apple does.

Source: The Verge 


  • Seven Colour Gosips

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  • Bob Smogango

    Bezos thinks that Andriod tablets SUCK. COMICAL. He isn’t the only one.

  • Mystakill

    I want a gadget which provides access to services. The number of variations (re: RAM, wireless access, touch/no touch, front-lit/not front-lit) for these new models runs counter to Bezos’ assertion that users just want access to services. I already own a ton of content that I’d like to be able to use locally when I’m “off the grid”. Cloud-based services sound nice, but are still a pipedream for many due to lack of access, slow speeds, lag, and/or cost.

    Judging from the comments on Amazon, users of the previous third-gen Kindle reader are up in arms about Amazon cutting local storage in half. Many have vast libraries of content which isn’t available through Amazon’s “cloud”, which negates the usage of Whispernet even further.

    The number of models should have been limited to just seven, rather than the *TWELVE* currently on offer — the entry-level Kindle (with keyboard), the Paperwhite Kindle, the Kindle Fire 2012 HD, and the Kindle Fire HD. All of them should have a microSD slot for expansion, and the latter three with or without cell connectivity. It could just as easily have been four models with an optional Whispernet accessory upgrade.

  • Felipe Morales

    Funny I thought the Kindle still uses the Android OS in the background. ?????