Pogo Connect, A Pressure-Sensitive Bluetooth 4 Stylus For The iPad 3


It's not a Wacom, but it's close. And it's much, much cheaper.



It seems so simple: Press harder, get a thicker, darker line. But drawing on the iPad has been – in pressure sensitivity terms at least – little better than using an Etch-a-Sketch. Now, at last, we’re seeing the first pressure-sensitive styluses for the iPad. Very, very soon you’ll be able to buy the new Bluetooth 4 Pogo Connect for your iPad 3.

Previously known by its codename Blue Tiger, the Pogo Connect comes from Ten One, a company which made one of the first ever dumb styluses for the iPad. The Connect uses the low-power Bluetooth 4 connection to talk to the newest iPad, and – when used with compatible apps – allows “hundreds” of pressure levels to register, making writing and drawing much more like using a real pen/brush/quill and paper.

There’s a button on the barrel which can be assigned to various functions depending on the app you’re using, and an LED can be used for any number of indications. My favorite is using it to show the color of the ink you currently have selected.

Speaking of apps, there are already 12 signed up. These include the heavyweights of iOS writing and drawing apps: Noteshelf is in there, as is Procreate, PDF Pen, Brushes and Sketchbook Pro, among others.

Preorders for the Connect open on October 1st, and the pen will cost a very reasonable $80. I’m putting the date in my calendar right now.

Source: Pogo Connect

Thanks: Jenny!


  • donnpattenden

    Any iPad stylus is a compromise. In this case it’s the fat rubber tip. Still, if it’s as responsive as they claim, I’d give it a go. Looking forward to JaJa shipment next week.

  • prosecutor

    In the courtroom, me being a Prosecutor and using the iPad, along with trying every other stylus made, to include all of the high-hopes pointed tip stylus, I’ve found there is none better than the ones a company called Stylus-R-Us makes. They have a slue of them, many telescoping and they never skip or require pressure. Perfect for taking notes on the fly. Their url is stylusrus.com