Quicam Uploads Photos To Facebook And Twitter As Fast As You Can Take Them


Snap... Upload.
Snap... Upload.

When I first saw the PR blurb for the Quicam app, I thought “What could possibly go wrong?” After all, who could ever foresee a problem with an app that lets you snap photos and immediately send them to Twitter and Facebook, automatically and without a single extra button press.

Really, what could possibly go wrong?

Quicam will spirit your photos off to both Twitter and Facebook, separately or simultaneously, captioned with pre-chosen text. It will do this as soon as you snap a picture, making it both ultra-convenient and super-dangerous.

Of course, you will avoid taking drunken photos with this app, instead launching another, safer photo app. That’s easy – if you’re sober. You see where I’m going here?

On the other hand, this could be gold if you’re taking pictures at a political rally or other venue where the cops (and the rent-a-cops) try to shut you and your iPhone camera down. “Erase those pictures” they may demand, while you chuckle and avoid their nightsticks.

Either way, Quicam is available now for just one dollar. And it’s from the folks at Appvetica, so you know it’ll be nicely polished.


Thanks: Zuzanna!