Retro-Tastic Fujifilm Mirrorless X-E1 Announced


Hot-looking. And fairly capable.



Fujifilm has – as expected – announced the X-E1 mirrorless compact camera. If it had come a year ago, we’d all be going crazy about it. Now, though, it’s little more than a cheaper version of the X-Pro1, without that all-important hybrid viewfinder.

Worse, the X-E1 isn’t even that cheap. The body alone will cost you $1000, and with an 18-55mm ƒ2.8-4 (stabilized) kit lens it’ll be $1,400. The X-Pro1 costs $1,700, body-only.

What you do get is the same 16MP APS-C sensor as in the X-Pro1, a 2.4-million dot optical viewfinder (not bad!), and a pop-up flash. And if you pair it with the above-mentioned kit lens then the AF times are as short as 0.1 seconds, which sounds good but isn’t quite in DSLR territory.

Should you buy this camera? Well, it looks nice – better than any of the Sony NEX cameras. And it also seems very well built. It also accepts Fujifilm’s growing line of X-series lenses. So if you already have an X-Pro and you need a second, smaller body then why not. On the other hand you could buy the Canon EOS-M, which doesn’t have a viewfinder but costs $800 and works with pretty much any Canon lens made since the 1980s.

You decide.


Via: Digital Photography Review


  • Andrea Camillo Miller Nepori


    I’m looking for a good camera in the 1200€ range. Should I go with one of this beauties (their ISO performance makes my mouth wet, above all) or should I stick with a Sony alpha mirrorless (e.g. a65 + 18-50 2,8 Sony – 1500€) and put the minolta AF lenses I already have to good use?

  • TheKnightWhoSaysNi

    This is an excellent entry into the mirrorless market. Controls in the right place, excellent image quality (same as XPro-1) and purportedly fast autofocus (unlike the XPro-1). The optical viewfinder is unnecessary, adds a lot to the price and doesn’t work well with zoom lenses anyway. The price and features are commensurate with other cameras in its class: Sony NEX-7 & Olympus OM-D. The only problem with the Fuji cameras is the small set of lenses. The Canon EOS-M is not in the same league.