First iPhone 5 Cases Show Up In AT&T’s System



The iPhone 5 is coming, which means iPhone 5 cases are coming, and unlike third-party accessory makers that need access to the specs of Apple’s still-secret rejiggered Dock Connector, case makers have had accurate access to the next iPhone’s dimensions and port layout for months.

No surprise, then, that the first third-party iPhone 5 cases and screen protectors are starting to show up in AT&T’s system. Unless you love Snoopy, though, the iLuv wallet case previewed above is probably the best of them.

Source: Boy Genius Report

  • Steven King

    What idiot thought a case that included a card slot and a place for the phone designed to replace all cards was a good idea?!

    Considering we are years away from cell phones replacing credit/debit/gift cards in any meaningful way I have to wonder who the idiot really is here.

  • grelca

    Guess you’ve never heard of Passbook.

    Since when exactly is Passbook supposed to be a replacement for credit cards? Even if the phone has NFC, not all stores have the technology to use NFC credit cards as it is. I still have to swipe my card at far more places than I can tap it.

  • grelca

    You’re taking us back to 1997 and complaining that USB shouldn’t be on the iMac because no one makes USB peripherals. You’re backward.

    Wow. Way to twist my words.

    I never said anything to imply that the phone shouldn’t have NFC. But if it does (and I even agree with you that if it does NFC will become far more common waaay faster than it would otherwise) that doesn’t mean NFC is going to available everywhere overnight.

    Regardless, the phone being a replacement for credit cards is honestly irrelevant to the whole idea of a wallet case. They still have a use. It may or may not be capable of replacing credit cards, but it sure as hell won’t replace your driver’s license.

    It really annoys me that you feel like you need to belittle other people for not 100% agreeing with every word you say behind the mask of internet anonymity. I’ve seen you do it in so many of these comment threads here and on other Apple blogs.