Retina MacBook Pro Now ‘In Stock’ On Apple Online Store, Can Be Delivered Within 2-3 Days


Order today, get it by the weekend.

The Retina MacBook Pro is now “in stock” on the Apple online store for the first time since its release at WWDC on June 11. The device, which was delayed by up to four weeks for some time after its launch, can now be delivered within five business days with free, standard shipping — or within 2-3 business days with $15 shipping.

It took less than 24 hours for the Retina MacBook Pro’s shipping estimates to jump to four weeks after its release, and that estimate remained for several weeks. A month later, it dropped to 2-3 weeks, and by August 2, Apple had the delay down to 5-7 business days. In late August, the estimate dropped again to just 2-4 business days.

Now the notebook is listed as “in stock” on the Apple online store, meaning you can finally have it delivered to your door within just 2 days — if you upgrade its shipping for $15 — just like the rest of its MacBook Pros. It’s the same story for Apple’s international stores, too.

Apple’s suppliers have caught us with demand at just the right time; with an iPhone 5 announcement on September 12, I’m sure it won’t be long before they’re back into overdrive once again.

Source: Apple