For The First Time Ever, The iPhone 4S Got Outsold By Samsung Last Month




The iPhone 5 is almost here, which means Apple is going to sell tens of millions of new iPhones this year. It might even be the biggest smartphone launch ever. But before Apple launches the new iPhone, Samsung can at least savor one small victory: The Samsung Galaxy S III outsold the iPhone 4S in August.

The iPhone 4S has been the top selling phone the U.S. since its launch back in October of 2011. Samsung’s Galaxy S III was released in July of 2012, so the two phones are competing at the opposite ends of their launch cycle.

You would have to be silly to buy an iPhone 4S this close to the launch of the iPhone 5, so the small victory by Samsung really shouldn’t be a big deal, because most consumers were holding off on buying an iPhone until the new one is announced by Apple.

Apple just sent out invites for the iPhone 5 event that will take place on September 12th.

Source: Business Insider

  • James Groom

    The only reason that happened is because of the new iPhone coming out haha lol… Then again the reports Telco’s telling there employee’s to sell other phones for a higher commission lol

  • The_Truth_Hurts

    More appropriate, first time the iPhone (4S) got outsold by one model.
    Galaxy S III outsold the iPhone 4S. And got booted by the GSIII from it’s top position on 2 out of 3 of the iPhone carriers. And matter of fact, first time the Droid RAZR passed the 4S as well.

    If I recall correctly, the iPhone, even in the quarter before the new one came out, was ALWAYS the #1 best selling “model”. So, this is (really) the first time (ever) the iPhone had to pack it’s bag and leave it’s position for a lower one.

    Yes, you can say that the iPhone sales (naturally) dip before the new one came out. But they never dipped this low before.

    And with last quarter where iPhone sales dipped significantly and Samsung skyrocketing……? To put it simply, people are seeing Samsung phones more appealing than Apple’s. Kick and scream all you want, but nobody stays on top forever. Apple eventually had to give it up to someone. Yes, you can say that Apple has a new iPhone coming out. But Guess What, Samsung slapped two more halo phones just last week, and expected to slap a few more down in the coming weeks and months.

    Will Apple come out with a phone that will “blow everybody away”? If those leaked parts are true? Absolutely not. But if those are just fake? Then they may have a chance. But Samsung is just slapping Halo phone after halo phone. Phones that (arguably) are the best phones out there PERIOD. Nokia is going to launch some and HTC will, as well as Motorola and Samsung. Point being. It WILL be a tough quarter for Apple. And if it’s “minor” upgrades (as in slightly larger display, slightly more powerful, LTE), that won’t be enough to surge to the front of the pack.

  • Wayne Williams

    Stories like this are stupid. This is like saying that Ford outsold the BMW 335i.

  • joewaylo

    “You would have to be silly to buy an iPhone 4S this close to the launch of the iPhone 5”

    Yeah like we’re that silly to buy it today and go oops.

    Then again they’re probably smarter given that the iPhone 4 was plagued by antennagate.