Denominations App: The Easiest, Most Useful Currency Converter Yet


Denom -- it's phenom.
Denom -- it's phenom.

Denominations is an iPhone currency converter app that is actually useful. No, it doesn’t offer a slew of options, nor does it even look particularly swish or fancy. But it is dead easy to use, and this will make it just about the best conversion app around when you actually need it.

The interface is pretty much a single screen. In the left column, you see the main coins and bills in the “foreign” currency. For instance, the €1 and €2 coins, plus notes from €5 up to €200 in Euros. On the right, you see your home currency, with conversions. It doesn’t give you cent-perfect calculations, but is perfect as what my old math teacher called a “ready-reckoner” for eyeballing the general figure.

Want to convert the other way? Just tap the little bow tie icon in the middle and the columns swap, telling you just how far your daily $50 vacation budget will stretch, for example.

It’s ingenious, and likely to end up – temporarily at least – in the dock of every iPhone-owning traveller. Better still, it costs just $1.99 (or €1.59). I have just one request: make the colors in the source list reflect the colors of the notes of the currency.

Sure, the US money would all be the same confusing shade of green, but for travelers to more imaginative climes, this could be ideal. It is probably also quite a lot of extra work, so I’ll quit whining a out it now.

Source: iTunes