Check Out These Unseen Photos Of Steve Jobs From His 1984 Rolling Stone Shoot



You’ve most likely seen the image of Steve Jobs sitting in the lotus position with his Mac in his lap. It was in Rolling Stone back in 1984 and has become one of the most iconic images of Jobs.

Norman Seeff was the photographer behind that picture, and he just released a couple of unseen photos of Steve Jobs that he took for Jobs’ Rolling Stone feature. The images feature a more candid and subdued version of Jobs in his office and back at home. Take a look:



More of Norman Seeff’s unseen images of Steve Jobs can be viewed over at Retronaut

Source: Retronaut

Via: Steven Levy

  • Len Williams

    Great shots! I love the very candid nature of these portraits. I’d love to see the whole shoot. It provides just a slight glimpse into Steve’s private world and persona.

  • Stephen Prescott

    Rolling Stones are the band, Rolling Stone is the magazine. Amazed that you didn’t catch that…twice!

  • Alexander530

    I admired Steve as well. But let the guy rest in peace already. Will someone publish a book with everything Steve in it so we can move on with our lives already? This is overkill. I don’t mind reading something about him on his death anniversary, but come on. Everyday? Really? Is this cult of mac or cult of Steve? Doesn’t FB have a Steve Jobs page or something? Where Steve worshippers can continue their daily bread of Steve?

  • David Shanahan

    They didn’t catch the band vs magazine blooper three times including the headline. Must be all those Spanish romance novels, or hailing from Roswell…

    Either way the photos are great.

  • bfizzzle

    steve jizzobbs

    throwing up a gangs sign in one hand, the other with some drank.
    thug lyfe in 84