Bruce Willis Wants To Sue Apple Over Who Gets His iTunes Library When He Dies [Updated]



Bruce Willis loves battles, and fights, and blowing crap up while trying to escape from bad guys. Bruce Willis ain’t afraid of no one, even Apple. And so when Bruce Willis heard that he can’t leave his massive iTunes music library to someone in his will, he decided he wants to fight Apple, in the courtroom.

Hollywood’s best known bald action hero is said to be considering legal action against Apple because he wants to leave his digital music collection he purchased via iTunes to his daughters. Thing is, when you buy a song off of iTunes, you don’t actually own it, you’re just borrowing. So when Brucey finally meets the tragic end of his life jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge to foil a terrorist plot, access to his iTunes library goes bye-bye as well.

Willis is a pretty huge music fan and even has his own band and has appeared in a Gorillaz music video once. He says he has spent thousands of dollars on his iTunes library, which makes it a bit more understandable why he wants to transfer ownership of those songs to someone.

Willis hasn’t officially filed a lawsuit yet, but is considering it. He also may just support ongoing legal action in five U.S. states to give downloaders more rights to do what they want with their music. Whatever happens, we suggest Bruce at least leave all of his passwords in his will so his daughters can listen to his beautiful jazz music when he’s dead and gone.

Update: Bruce Willis’ wife has refuted reports of Bruce’s planned legal action on Twitter.


Source: DailyMail

  • TylerMiller

    That is just ridiculous.

  • Chris Hunter

    Give them your login and password how hard is that?

  • James Kent

    Does nobody check these stories? This story is a fake.

  • technochick

    Does nobody check these stories? This story is a fake.

    Daily Mail as the source and the article itself should have been big clues.

    It’s been refuted by the family as well

  • Aaron

    From Bruce Willis’ wife:

    TL;DR: It’s fake

  • joewaylo

    Using Tony Scott’s suicide method? Ill conceived.

  • SteSto

    If it’s true, it’s a bunch of nonsense, give them your acooun, or write it in your will. I like Bruce Willice and i hope those are not his own words

  • robert_walter

    I kinda figured he might be in negotiations with a couple of studios and he was using this threat as leverage…

  • hanhothi

    Bruce Willis is a racist dork. After the anti British comments he made on TV a few years ago, I have never purchased one of his movies again. I have not stolen them by downloading illegal copies (unlike Brownlee and his stolen music) but if he hates the Brits so much has can piss off, I don’t want to watch his work and will not support him! Will that make any difference to him? No, but it is a matter of principle.

  • 42_prefect

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