Put Your Stickies And Notebooks To Rest With This Seriously Noteworthy Task Manager [Mac Deals]



Imagine jotting down a quick memo, tossing it into the air and having a little magical fairy swoop by and catch it, stashing it away safely for later reference. TopXNotes is the next best thing! We all know and love our Mac Stickies but imagine them on steroids. That is what you get with TopXNotes, the most comprehensive task manager yet. Let’s face it, Stickies aren’t fail proof and those quickly jotted notes can sometimes be crucial. TopXNotes constantly autosaves your notes and categorizes them to help insure anything worthy of being written down doesn’t accidentally fall through the cracks.

How awful is it when you prepare a list to refer to while out and about and then leave that same list behind? Not an issue with TopXNotes which easily lets you sync up your memos to you iPhone, iPad, or iTouch, with a click of a button. Your notes will be so accessible they will almost be impossible to avoid, keeping you on track and at your best.

My personal favorite feature of this note manager is the ability to lock individual notes with a password. This is great for gift lists, planning surprises, or even those private thoughts that can be therapeutically purged in writing. I know the beauty behind Mac Stickies is the ease of use, but I can assure you, it doesn’t get more easy than this! A must have in the classroom and in the office.

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  • GameCenterGames

    It looks pretty awesome, but I just don’t know why we would need it really with iCloud and stickies? I love that the stickies stay in sync at all times. What does this have extra other than being able to lock certain stickies?

  • Rob Gilgan

    Whoa! 40 bucks? Why not get OmniFocus (or other comparables) and all that extra feature goodness? Too much $ for too little, IMO.

  • Uncl3Ric0

    Hmm. The Apple’s Notes app syncs with iCloud – and that works perfect. I’ve used the heck out of that and it’s great.