What It Will Be Like To Use The Next iPhone’s 4-Inch Display [Video]



This is fantastic. The guys over at Macrumors have put together a fantastic and very Apple-like video, expounding upon the virtues of the next iPhone’s larger 4-inch display. More apps, bigger homescreen, no more letterboxing in movies and widescreen gaming are the primary qualities promoted here. It’s fine work, and it really has me excited to see how Apple’s going to demonstrate this same capability come September 12th.

Source: Macrumors

  • coolman1081

    Awesome, wish I could upgrade when to it. But, I’m stuck with my current non-Smartphone for another year.

  • Arron Hunt

    This video was very well done. Makes me want the iPhone 5. I just don’t know if I can get over the two-tone back…

  • John Frum

    By itself, not a compelling reason to upgrade from a 4S.

  • ddevito

    Apple blatantly copied Android with a larger screen.

  • copperbum

    Apple blatantly copied Android with a larger screen.


  • Luca Blight

    Wait I thought you Apple drones thought that the 3.5″ was the perfect screen size for smartphones? So now that Apple is trying to catch up to competition, you’re changing your tune?

    Hahahah, on hypocrites.