Samsung Executives Waited Four Days Before Telling Chairman They Lost To Apple



Fearing the fury of your boss after a really crappy performance isn’t unique to any profession. No one wants to make the big kahuna angry, and see them go nuts. Samsung’s executives tried to take the “maybe the chairman won’t be so mad if we wait a few days to tell him the bad news” approach. It didn’t work.

Last Friday, Samsung received the verdict that Apple won the patent lawsuit in the U.S., but top executives at the company waited four days before telling the company chairman Lee Kun-hee the bad news because they were afraid how he might react. Apparently, he freaked out a bit.

The Korea Times reports that after he heard the bad news Samsung’s highest ranking executive officer, got pretty upset, and had to be calmed down.

“The chairman calmed down and slightly closed his eyes after he was briefed. But he didn’t say anything further.”

What he did and said before he had to be calmed down is anyone’s guess. What do you think the Chairman said to his executive team? Maybe they’re punishment was something more severe than a physical beating. Maybe he forced them to listen to One Direction for seven hours straight. I dunno. I just wish I was in that meeting to witness the verbal lashing he probably gave them.

Source: Korea Times
Via: Forbes

  • __a_b

    This story must be fake. I honestly can’t believe that such an important person doesn’t have other sources of information than his employees. C’mon!

  • Atienne

    He then made them all write on the board 1.2m times…. “I must Not Copy The Competition”

  • lynndlou

    Where is this story from, the Korean Onion?

  • vinnyb

    Hairy Carrie, anyone?

  • Zeteboy

    If its true, a very immature reaction by the Samsung chairman.

  • vctr

    I’m sorry … but the ninja star comment is a little racially insensitive. If, hypothetically, the CEO was black, would you say “throwing spears”? I don’t think so.

  • Sebastian Velez

    Yeah this has to be fake, as if there aren’t televisions or Internet in Korea to tell him that he lost on day one…. They make smartphones for crying out loud!!! Ur gonna tell me he never did look at his phone for the news or even read an article online??? I call bogus on this big time…. It’s 2012 not 1912

  • 73ragtop

    He probably checked with Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs to see how Jobs would have chewed out his lawyers, then proceeded to do a poor impersonation of him.

  • minute44

    Basically every “Hitler reacts to…” video

  • Eddie_Ramirez

    The ninja stars comment is not cool. I’m not a hard-core politically correct person, but come on, at least make fun of him from a Korean perspective! … “He almost choke on his Kimchi!” or something like that…

    Ninjas and Korea? Just because Korea is in Asia?

    Next thing we see is some joke about Mariachis in Argentina!

    If you’re not sure why the two previous statement are dumb, there’s no hope. :)

  • Jdsonice

    So the Chairman of Samsung did not know the outcome of one of the most important cases his company was involved in on a minute by minute basis? Steve Jobs would have known every word the lawyer spoke in the court room.

    Strange but interesting.

  • ddevito

    Bogus – Samsung’s shares dropped 8%/$12B only 30 hours after the decision, no way a Chairman wouldn’t know about that without knowing the cause.

  • Len Williams

    Buster, really! “They’re” is a contraction for “they are”. The word you meant to use is ‘ “their” punishment ‘ meaning “belonging to them”. Proofreading is important lest the English language fall into total chaos. And yes, the story seems very far fetched that Samsung’s CEO didn’t find out about Apple’s win immediately. Was he hiking in the mountains or away surfing? You’d think he would have been avidly following the trial daily to keep an eye on what his lawyers and staff were doing, because of the huge potential danger to Samsung’s products and income. If he had so little attention on this court battle, was he so confident of his win that he felt no interest in keeping informed? Very weird.

  • Mitch Sebastion Koshney Petersen


  • extra_medium

    Hairy Carrie, anyone?

    At least look up the word you’re trying to use to make sure you’re coming even remotely close to spelling it correctly. Then check to make sure you have the right country/culture. If you’d done that you could have saved yourself the embarrassment of making that post.

  • Warren Fraser

    He would have learned of the decision immediately, but Legal could have taken four days to put together a brief for the chairman on how they lost.

  • prophet

    Samsung Boss: You think I was going to go nuts? No, you will go not nuts…cut them out!

  • prophet

    Samsung Boss: You think I was going to go nuts? No, you will go not nuts…cut them out!