Apple Finally Starting To Reject App Store Submissions That Copy Other Icons


  • debald6

    Less crappy apps the better. keep quality over quantity a priority please

  • selltheworld

    I would love a youtube video of the clear todo app. I love to see how talentless these copies are. It also amplifies how much work developers must do to make a truly great app.

  • assyrianpride

    its about time!

  • coolman1081

    As a developer I’m glad that Apple has decided to take some initiative on this.

  • RaptorOO7

    You are right its about time. Apple takes a hefty 30% cut for the apps sold (and can only be sold through their app store) so they should be responsible for taking down infringing apps that blatantly steal. Apple should also be responsible for fixing the crappy app store. There are over 600,000 apps and its impossible to discover, and buy apps. I would gladly spend more of my money on quality apps but you can’t find them.

    What Apple needs to do is take down infringing apps, refund the money and direct the users to the non infringing app and notify the customer.